Herb Homeyer, Chairman, Homeyer Precision Manufacturing

“With over 30 years of Manufacturing experience in both small and large job shops, Roger has been able to mentor key members of our Mid and Senior Level Management team. Having a shop floor and sales background, he has helped provide a prospective we were lacking in the past.”

Donald Lloyd, President, The Lloyd Company

“When we had the chance to bring Roger into our company we jumped at the opportunity. He brings vast experience and a proven track record of success. Roger has the ability to assess situations, people, and challenges quickly and then present solutions. He offers thoughts and suggestions from a different perspective that challenges our thinking. With Roger’s involvement with The Lloyd Company, we have strengthened our organization and clarified our vision/direction.”

Jeannie Schaefer, President, Southern Illinois Crankshafts

“We met Roger through NTMA. We had him visit our facility and review our operation. Through his insight and experience, Roger has provided clear and precise direction, providing our company with the foundation to help us achieve our goals. He is always willing to help.”

Mike Mittler President Mittler Bros Machine & Tool

“We engaged Roger’s services for our company, Mittler Bros Machine & Tool. He has introduced us to many influential customers and represented us in a very professional and positive way. He is solution oriented for both the customer and our company, always looking to add value to both parties. Roger is a true professional.”

Tim Wetzel, President, Homeyer Precision Manufacturing

“In Roger’s work with us, his vast knowledge in the industry at the executive level has given us a better-informed understanding of our upper management’s roles and responsibilities with our team members and customers.”